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      Moduli Fotovoltaici

      AS-6M Black

      Spec Download:AS-6M30 Black

      Amerisolar’s photovoltaic modules are designed for large electrical power requirements. With a 30 year warranty, AS-5M offers high-powered, reliable performance for solar projects, both on- and off-grid.


      Solar Cell: High efficiency solar cells ensure high performance of solar module and create maximum power output.

      Low iron tempered glass: Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass increase the power output and mechanical strength of solar module.

      Aluminum frame: Without screw, corner connection. Eight mounting holes on the frame can make the module to be installed easily.

      Superior Junction box: Multi function junction box with water proof capabilities.

      Long lifespan: ≥ 30 years.

      Tolerance:  0 ~ +3 %.

      Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails.

      Resisting moisture and etching effectively, not affected by geology.

      The certificate issued by international authority: CE, TUV, IEC, MCS, PV CYCLE, CEC Australia listed, Israel Certificate and Korea Certificate



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