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      ACCUEIL > Nous contacter

      Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing Group

      Investor Relationship(IR):
      Edward Turner
      Senior Vice President, IR
      E-mail: edwardt@weamerisolar.com

      Siège Social:
      Adresse :408N.Canal Street Unit A&B,South San Francisco, CA 94080
      E-mail: sales@weamerisolar.com

      Hongkong Office:
      Address: C1 Room, 1708 Nanfung Tower, 173 Des Voeux RDC Hongkong

      Bureau de Shanghai :
      Adresse :Room2304,23F,Hopson International Center,No.2218 Huangxing Road Yangpu District,Shanghai

      Site de fabrication :
      USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia

      Legal Statement: The content in this website in different languages only apply to the contracted companies to introduce and sell Amerisolar products in different countries, and these companies will be responsible for their legal rights and obligations respectively according to the Contracts. English content prevails if there is any different content or understanding in other languages.


      Nous contacter
      • E-mail: sales@weamerisolar.com

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